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The first team dinner party

2018-07-19 14:13:51 EMAGA Interconnect

On 5th may 2017, our team’s first dinner party,let’s show up~


At the beginning of the dinner, Mr.Zhong, CEO of our company, speak glowingly of the company’s development direction and clear this year’s performance goal. Step by step, the combination of long-term orientation and short-term goal enable us go further but stable. Rising mouth, smiling face, we gathered together, drinking and talking. Push the cups to change the gag, talk about everyone’s hometown stories and life experiences, stories and wine, here we are! The first meeting of our family has come to an end, and through this gathering, we have deepened our understanding of the company, strengthened the cohesion between colleagues, relaxed our feelings and accumulated more power. We also believe that this is just the beginning, moving in the right direction, our team will continue to expand and team members will continue to increase. Let's look forward to the new faces at the next party~.