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2017-06-27 17:20:26 EMAGA Interconnect

On June 22th 2017, ARM Accelerator held 3rd Accelerator Camp in Shanghai. ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator (“ARM Accelerator”) is the first innovation and acceleration platform in the world featured in ARM's abundant ecosystem resources. ARM Accelerator focuses on smart hardwareIoT ecosystem and LPWAN. It concentrates on six segments, including AR/VR, robotics/AI/UAV, smart auto/ADAS, smart healthcare, smart home, and smart city. The core advantage of ARM Accelerator is to create an one-stop platform for China and overseas startups and integrates the world-leading IC design companies and scarce, high-value labs to provide the customers all kinds of incubation and acceleration services, such as professional technology consulting, design service, and global promotion and investment matchmaking.

Although we missed the opportunities of participating in the 3rd road show, the top managers still flew from Shenzhen to Shanghai and joined the whole activity as audiences with the aim of learning from different perspectives. As the Accelerator Camp in this phase has many excellent teams, we’ve gained and learned from their growth experience and opened up our eyes to many new innovated projects through their brilliant road show. After the road show, the top managers introduced some basic information about Emaga Interconnect Technologies to corresponding consultants and investors in communication meeting, this included members of the company, organizational structure, technological development, target industries, five-year plan and so on. Meanwhile, we also presented the upcoming projects in details. All of these were actually approved by consultants and investors, they thought Emaga Interconnect Technologies had clear and specific understanding of the development direction of LoRa. They gave us some valuable suggestions for the new projects as well. 

To make this journey worth, we will learn the merits from other teams and combine consultants’ advises so that achieve our goals of optimizing and innovating. As the consultants and investors said, they were very looking forward to our next meeting in the following Accelerator Camp. At that time, we wish we could give them a full strength and more perfect scheme. Let us make effort towards “TECHNOLOGY DRIVING INNOVATION” with ARM Accelerator.