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Emdoor Group’s 15th Anniversary

2018-07-19 14:13:06 EMAGA Interconnect

On June 30th, 2017, members of Emdoor Group were all invited to join Emdoor’s 15th Anniversary Celebration. At about 1 o’clock at noon, over 500 staffs were picked up by 12 star buses to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, where we had spent a wonderful two days and one night.


After we finished checking in and settled down in Penguin Hotel, we went to Dolphin Pool in Hengqin Bay Hotel, where Emdoor’s 15th Anniversary Celebration was holding up. There were warm and gorgeous miss etiquette, neat and orderly table decoration, lively and lovely dolphins, which made all of us relax. The dinner began at 19:00, along with contributing rating, singing and dancing, contributing staff awarding and playing games etc. The atmosphere at the activity scene was active and applause, cheering and bravo were across the whole scene.


On the next day, we had our free time to spend in Chimelong sea world. Since people had different interests in different kinds of entertainment activities, we all divided into small groups. Some people were more keen on exciting recreation facilities, they ran for roller coaster. Others who had brought their kids were more likely to have low risk activities like watching shows acted by white whales, dolphins, penguins and arctic families. On this day, we gained a lot of happiness. Indeed, everyone was even laughing on the way home.


E-maga Interconnect, as a new found subsidiary corporation of Emdoor, it is still an infant industry. However, we believe that with our efforts, it would grow up gradually, and gonna have its first anniversary, 5th anniversary and 10th one. We are working on it and please be looking forward to it.