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Exhibition of E-MAGA Interconnect in Baoan Expo

2017-07-31 11:55:37 EMAGA Interconnect

The second Bao’an Industry Development Expo was held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center from July 27th to 29th, 2017. This is organized by the Bao’an District people’s Government of Shenzhen, and undertook by Bao’an District Economic Promotion Bureau of Shenzhen and Shenzhen logistics and Supply Chain Management Association. The overall exhibition area was 37,500 square meter, which has about 600 enterprises participated in the exhibition. Industries covered smart manufacture, new generation of information technology, industrial robots and smart devices, smart communication and Internet of Thing, new materials and new resources, electronic information precision manufacturing, unmanned aerial vehicle, service robot, smart ends, smart manufacturing and high-end equipment manufacturing, smart home, logistics and modern service industry.


E-maga Interconnect has displayed gateways, geomagnetic detectors, smart parking and smart light control. LoRa gateway supported standardized LoRaWAN protocols, which meant it was suitable for industrial grade. Smart parking system could detect the parking occupancy information through geomagnetic detectors established in the car park. Smart light control system could detect the switch and damage status of the light through infrared lamp control device, illumination and the current detection device.   


Our exhibition has attracted many people to stay and consult. Some people from the same industry came and discussed relative protocol standards, communicated and shared opinions. Some market staffs gave us some advice based on our business development as well. More than that, some people from other industries consulted scope and scope of application of LoRa technology in order to seek cooperation. After three days’ communication about products, we have deeper understanding of applications and markets of LoRa technology, and we are determined to give the society better products.