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E-maga Interconnect reached the finals of the 2017 China hardware innovation competition

2017-08-10 14:21:13 EMAGA Interconnect

1:00 pm, Friday, July 28th, 2017, the third session of finals of China hardware innovation competition in Southern China, which also knew as Shenzhen bay angel fund battle was held at software industry base block 3, floor 2, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. This special live show was organized by China hardware innovation competition organizing committee, which had members like Shenzhen HuaqiangJuFeng Electronic Technology Company, ARM Accelerator, IDEEBANK, MOUSER, BlueRun Ventures, QF Capital and other many top investment institutes.


China hardware innovation competition has successfully held for two sessions in 2015 and 2016, covered First-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The competition adopted innovative mode, with idea of “actual combat training + project road show”. This has radiated a full range of entrepreneurial group, and helped hardware business. Over 200,000 engineers and entrepreneurial group were affected, more than 6,000 top hardware creators were attracted to sign up for offline training sessions. Up to now, the competition has successfully served more than 1,500 projects.


At the scene of the day, they have invited more than 50 investors as raters. After finishing signing up by the participants, reviewing past competitions and introducing 2017 competition rules. Here came the most important part, ten teams exhibited their demos and had road shows one by one. Each of them had 15 minutes, which included 9 minutes for road show and another 6 minutes for VC recommendations. The COO and CTO of E-maga Interconnect joined in the road show with its product, LoRa gateway. The CTO, Yuhao introduced the development trend of LPWAN and LoRaWAN initially. Meanwhile, he introduced the situation of E-maga Interconnect team. Although the company was found in February this year, from 3 staffs to 15 at the moment, each of them had strong correlation to core business. So far, there were 23 patents passed the first trial in LoRa area, and some were still in the process of review. This meant that E-maga Interconnect had the most patents in LoRa area in China. Indeed, its research and development department has developed End-Device, Gateway, LoRaWAN Server, device management platform, smart parking system, smart light control system and smart fire protection system. All of these have been exhibited in the second Bao’an Industry Development Expo. In this competition, both over ten enterprises and the government showed intentions to cooperate with us and looked forward to the tests of the our product demos. The LoRa gateway in this competition supported LoRaWAN protocols, which meant it met the requirements of industrial level specification. It could afford more than 5,000 LoRa end nodes, which lasted for over three years and the communication distance could be above 10km. With subversive technology and highly effective and innovative teams, we are confident to be the NO.1 in LoRa area in China.


The excellent speech by E-maga Interconnect gave a rise to enthusiastic questionings by the audiences, some investors gave favorable comments as well. Eventually, we won the admission ticket of final hardware innovation competition in the whole China. Let’s look forward to our performance on Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair.