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Shenzhen Emaga Interconnect Technologies Co., Ltd. IoT Solution Debuts at MWC Barcelona

2018-07-19 14:09:47 EMAGA Interconnect

From February 26th to March 1st, 2018, the cutting-edge high-end mobile technology feast - MWC (World Mobile Congress) - Barcelona was held at the Grand Exhibition Center in Barcelona, Spain. A big wave of world-class new projects and top-notch product collection Here. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key topic of the MWC conference. The booths in the Internet of Things area are crowded with people.         

For the masses, the Internet of Things is a relatively vague sensation. What does the Internet of Things look like? How does it affect people's lives? In this MWC exhibition, Emaga Interconnect Technologies Co., Ltd., the technical supporter of the domestic benchmarking case for Internet of Things, brought their IoT black technology to the light. Control and fire protection solutions.

        In 2017, Shenzhen Emaga Interconnect Technologies Co., Ltd.'s LoRa Gateway  won the fourth place in South China Hardware innovation Contest  and  the top 15 in the final competition. The 2.0 gateway exhibited at this time has been optimized in terms of size, function, and power supply selection, and has maintained low-power, long-distance transmission characteristics, while the AC light control controller is the former DC version. The optimization of the light control controller adopts the wireless intelligent terminal acquisition equipment built on the standard NEMA 7 PIN base. It is easy to install and plug and play. The combination of the two intelligent light control systems perfectly solves the existing technologies such as the current PLC or Zigbee. Defects in signal isolation or short-distance transmission. The Emaga interconnect intelligent fire protection solution for the Internet of Things provides remote real-time monitoring of locations that have potential fire hazards. At regular intervals, the IoT fire alarm system will transmit core data in real time and without interruption. When the ambient temperature and combustible gas concentration exceed the preset values, the system will automatically alarm and push the information at the first time to firefighters. Data flows around people, and it senses and transmits in the Internet of Things, discovers dangers in time, prevents them from happening, and protects people's lives and property.     

 The hardware and software products and system solutions demonstrated by Emaga  Interconnect at this exhibition and the powerful customized development capabilities attracted the attention of many visitors. The European and American cloud service providers, South American operators and integrators of Southeast Asian municipal projects all voted With eager attention, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions at the exhibition and looked forward to the follow-up cooperation.