EMAGA Interconnect

  • Gas Fuel Detector

    Smoke detector, also known as smoke fire detector, smoke alarm, smoke sensor is primary used in fire alarm system and security system. As for this smoke detector, which is designed and manufactured by Emaga Interconnect, is an intelligentized device with built-in LoRa module; it is an indispensable part to a smart fire alarm system.

  • TH Detector

    The humidity & temperature sensor designed and manufactured by Emaga supports LoRaWAN protocol and consists of 3 major parts: sensor probe,LoRa module and MCU. Its working frequency is between 470MHz and 510MHz and communication range > 2Km.

  • Street Lamp Controller

     Support standard LoRaWAN communication protocol, output voltage is DC24/12V, communication mode is 470MHz, communication distance > 2Km, mainly used in various street lamps. processorARM

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