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Smart Lighting Control

2018-05-15 17:00:51 EMAGA Interconnect

1.Product Features

1.1     Long Distance Access

Single LoRa wireless base station can cover radius of few kilometers to more than ten kilometers, achieving long-distance control of lighting equipment.

1.2     Stable Transmission

Frequency hopping transmission, anti-interference ability. Random key encryption transmission, high security level.

1.3     Visual Management

Based on the standard LoRaWAN protocol, visual management of light information, one  staff can manage thousands of lights in multiple regions, the number of lights in each region, lamp status, installation location, installation time and other information are clear and unambiguous.

2. Product Description

2.1     Solution Structure


2.1     Structure Profile

Light detectors installed in various lighting fixtures can detect light intensity in the external environment. The terminal nodes based on the LoRaWAN protocol can transfer the information collected by the detector to LoRa Gateway, such information will establish communication with the cloud center through the processor, when the collected data anomalies, the system will start the intelligent control system. If the light is not enough, the system automatically lights; when the light value is enough, the system automatically turn off the lights and so on. At the same time, the dimming device automatically adjusts the brightness of LED lights according to the strength of the outside light.

2.3 System Function Module

Equipment management, configuration management, condition monitoring, remote control, automatic control, user management, data statistical analysis.

3. Product Parameters

3.1     LoRa Gateway


ARM Cortex-A9 (Industrial Level  )






CN 470-510MHz ISM Band, receiving sensitivity-142.0dBm

EU 863-870MHz ISM Band, receiving sensitivity-142.5dBm

US 902-928MHz ISM Band, receiving sensitivity-142.5dBm

Australia 915-928MHz ISM Band, receiving sensitivity-142.5dBm

South Korea 920-923MHz ISM Band, receiving sensitivity-142.5dBm

4G Module

LTE-TDD Band 38/39/40/41

LTE-FDD Band 1/3/5/7/8


Support BDS/GPS dual model


MMCX-NAntenna with the external N head

Ethernet WAN

10/100/1000Mbps IEEE 802.3 compliant

working environment

operating temperature -30~75
Humidity 10%~90%RH non-condensing


3.2      LED Light control panel



ARM Cortex-M3 Core low-power processor

LoRa Parameter

 470-510MHz Industrial band in China,863-870MHz in Europe, 902-928MHz in North America


NEMA standard 7PIN interface

working environment

operating temperature -30~75
Humidity 10%~90%RH non-condensing


3.3   APP

Manage millions of lighting fixtures. Record information such as the location of each lighting device, real-time monitoring status, connectivity, ambient brightness and energy consumption. To achieve switching dimming function in grouped scene, count and analyse lighting equipment energy consumption. All the information are clearly presented.

4.Product Picture

4.1      APP shot






4.2    LoRa Gateway


4.3 Light Controller 


              DC                         Light Controller Node