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Smart fire prevention and monitoring system

2018-05-15 17:59:43 EMAGA Interconnect

1.System Profile

Smoke and Gas detectors installed in various Fire scene can detect information such as smoke and gas content in the external environment. The terminal nodes based on the LoRaWAN protocol can transfer the information collected by the detector to LoRa Gateway, such information will establish communication with the cloud center through the processor. when the smoke or gas content anomalies, the system automatically alarm, anomalies information will be sent to the designated mobile phone or report the property management center, at the same time automatically dial 119 telephone alarm, the abnormal location will be informed to the relevant fire department.


2.System main function:

(1) Data collection:

Data like fire protection, smoke or gas content and alarm device status will be transferred to the cloud center through the wireless network for intelligent analysis and processing.

(2) Data storage

 The system store the historical data and thus form a knowledge base, ready for processing and query.

(3) Data analysis

Data collected by the system will be send to the user in a intuitive form to show the time distribution (line graph) and spatial distribution (field map), to provide daily reports, monthly reports and other historical statements.

(4) Remote control

Whenever and wherever, users achieve the switch remote control of devices like smoke detector, gas detector and alarm device through any internet terminal.

(5) Unified certification

System set up unified authentication, centralized management and control, including user management, equipment management, certification management, rights management and other functions.

(6) Mobile phone surveillance

4G mobile phone can achieve the same function as the computer terminal, real-time view of all data transferred from the detector.


3.Product advantages

The system adopts 4G + LoRa full wireless architecture, no wiring construction, low maintenance costs.

Wireless network work in the 470MHz band, green, environmentally friendly, no radiation sensor network features a whole network synchronization of ultra-low power consumption, wireless collection terminal using two alkaline batteries can work more than 3 years; network automatic load balancing, all the wireless nodes power consumption can be assessed, similar power consumption nodes automatically group a network, self-maintenance, visual network connection. Full-time stable operation without human intervention. Users can conduct all the supervisory control by accessing directly to the gateway or network server. The management software has a good interface and powerful function to ensure a timely and accurate data record or analysis. Stable and reliable wireless sensor network work independently without paying any fees, multi-collector data send through a designated gateway, thus greatly save 4G traffic data cost.